Jan 25, 2021

How Long Do Commercial Water Heaters Last? 


Determining the valuable remaining life of your commercial water heaters can assist you with staying away from unexpected costs when these systems fail. A couple of variables can affect the life span of your water heating system. Talking with a reputable plumbing organization can offer you some direction on the best and most effective water heating solutions for hotels, multifamily properties, restaurants, senior living facilities, and other business properties. Here are a few things to consider while picking the right water heating system for your commercial properties. 


Tankless versus Tank-Type Systems 


Much of the time, tankless frameworks can be expected to work for up to 20 years. Tank-type water heaters keep going for an estimated life of 10 years. Upgrading or replacing your water heater before the end of its life expectancy can assist you with evading breakdowns that could influence the comfort of your guests or tenants and the profitability of your business activities. 

Your local Intellihot sales representative can give you an honest assessment of your current system, as well as a quote to replace your old system before disaster strikes.  You can also consider Intellihot’s tellBot_ai monitoring service.


Signs Your Water Heater May Be Failing 

A typical tank water heater will occasionally give you early warning signs that it is hanging on by a thread. Probably the most well-known side effects of a faltering water heater are: 

Corroded or stained water could be an indication that your tank framework is decaying from within. 

The absence of high temp water could be demonstrative of expanded utilization of water in your business or diminished capacity of your tank-type water heating system.  

Noises from your commercial water heater can in some cases show calcium deposits have accumulated inside your tank-style water heater. This development might actually obstruct your drain valve and cause significant issues with the performance, health, and safety of your water heater over the long run. 

Holes from a tank-type water heater cannot normally be fixed and by and large require a quick replacement of these units. 


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